Key Drivers Impacting Securities Lending – Join us at the IMN Europe Conference!

Securities lending has never been more relevant than it is today. We are arguably entering one of the most exciting periods for the industry where challenges and opportunities are in equal measure. Where there have been binding constraints or emerging opportunities, the impetus to drive innovation and bring greater diversity of thought to the industry has become essential. As such, client engagement has never been higher with market participants reviewing their models and methods to meet this strong opportunity. 

We are seeing increased engagement from asset lenders across the industry. In turn, this has increased the need for more transparency into securities lending programs and generated additional opportunities for growth. A clear trend has been clients who are seeking to tailor their programs to align with their investment philosophy.

The desire among asset managers for highly connected, tailored, and transparent programs has never been greater. Technology is an essential piece to this puzzle, driving an elevated level of client engagement and steering them to new revenue opportunities.

Whether lenders are providing insights on individual trading opportunities, expanding asset classes, entering new markets, or collaborating with their agents to optimize their parameters, securities lending can make a difference in an environment where every basis point counts.

BBH is pleased to be sponsoring the 24th Annual European Beneficial Owners’ Securities Finance & Collateral Management Conference on September 25 and 26, where Robert Lees will be join a panel discussion on the progressive approaches to lending and cash management programs in today’s market, alongside borrowers and other industry experts. Robert will be speaking at 4:45 pm on September 25. You can find the full agenda here.